Places connected with Tan Kim Seng

  1. Kim Seng Road, Singapore
  2. Kim Seng Bridge, Malacca
  3. Kim Seng Bridge, Singapore
  4. Riverwalk Galleria by the Singapore River was where his warehouse stood
  5. The courtyard house in Malacca that is now Hotel Puri was once his residence
  6. The Tan Kim Seng ancestral house stands in Jln Tan Cheng Lock (Heeran Street) in Malacca
  7. Tan Kim Seng’s grave is off a highway near Malacca
  8. Tan Kim Seng Fountain, which is along Connaught Drive was first erected in Fullerton Square
  9. He was a contributor to the building of Tian Hock Keng temple
  10. Panglima Prang, his mansion in Singapore, is now Yong Ann Park condominium along River Valley Road
  11. Pasir Panjang was once known as ‘Tan Kim Seng’s Pasir Panjang’
  12. His office in Singapore was once on Battery Road

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